QR Payment Value-Added Network (VAN)

Merchants that get on the QR Payment VAN take control of customer payment. Cut out intermediaries and their associated cost. Offer customers a mobile payment solution with no restrictions of phone or debit/credit cards, fast, and packed with value-added services such as loyalty, offers, financing, all personalized and automated with the payment.

WayApp Pay is a network

Cards issued by any merchant, can be used at all merchants within the network.

QR Payment

Users enjoy the full convenience of mobile payment without any of the restrictions imposed by the likes of Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. User do not need a debit or credit card. They simply get in and out of the payment queue fast and easy.

Merchants opt-in to value-added services linked to payment

With WayApp Pay, at the time of check-out, merchants have the opportunity to offer customers fully personalized value-added such as loyalty points, discount offers, purchase financing, and much more.

QR as a new payment option

Business scans the wallet's QR Code for a quick an easy payment transaction. Digital Wallet is automatically updated with the new balance, lists the new payment transaction, and the digital receipt emailed to the user.

WayApp Pay in action

Fast, easy, secure