About Us
WayApp Team

The growth of mobile payment and the tendency to a cashless society is an unstoppable trend in which WayApp has a lot to contribute. The need to pay and be paid will only continue to grow. Today’s trillions of payment transactions will soon become quadrillions, and the time it will take for them to reach quintillions will be a fraction of the time it took to get to today’s numbers.

From a purely market size and processing power this is a none issue, nothing that the power of quantum computing will eventually address. WayApp is not about making the current payment paradigm better, it is about overhauling it, changing its very foundation.

Today, in the payment transaction between customer and business there are a number of players with witch the business is sharing profit and customer intelligence. Phone manufacturer, point of sale (POS) provider, card issuers…WayApp puts a stop to this. Businesses can issue, process and link value-added services to their own payment method. With payment at the center, WayApp is enabling tremendous value-add opportunity to merchants and consumers alike.